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St Cuthbert Lecture 2015

The second annual St Cuthbert Lecture, ‘Building Bolton’, took place in the Priory on Sunday 22 March at 15.00. We were fortunate to have as this year’s Lecturer Professor Richard Morris. As both an archaeologist and historian, Richard has an unrivalled knowledge of the Yorkshire Dales and the historical secrets that lie hidden within its landscape and ancient churches.

In his talk Richard set out to answer four linked questions: Who built Bolton Priory? Why does it stand where it does? In the eyes of its benefactors what was it for? Why were parts of it altered?’ During the talk Richard set Bolton in the context of other medieval religious houses in and around the Yorkshire Dales, and examine the contemporary ideas that brought them into being.

The event was attended by approximately 200 people from both the Priory and the wider community. The talk was followed by a question and answer session, and concluded with refreshments in the tower.

(Photographs by James Pearson)