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St Cuthbert Lecture 2017

In spite of the heavy rain, a substantial gathering, including members of many diverse faith groups, made their way to Bolton Priory for the 2017 St Cuthbert Lecture.

The tumultuous political events and emerging social movements across Europe and North America over the past twelve months made the subject of this year’s St Cuthbert Lecture especially pertinent. The Bishop of Bradford, the Rt Revd Toby Howarth,  entitled his lecture ‘Loving, living, learning: shaping our inter faith engagement in Yorkshire’. Examining each of the concepts Loving – Living – Learning in turn, the lecture addressed itself to such questions as how our religious differences are lived out, and how we might explore these differences in practical and constructive ways. Pausing after each sub-topic, the Bishop invited the audience to discuss the ideas briefly among themselves, which led to some interesting exchanges.

Following questions and a brief contribution from a visiting Imam, the discussions continued over refreshments in the tower.

[Photographs by Steve Evans, Photographer, Leeds]