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Our Online Services

Viewers of our online services may have noticed that, whilst they can be watched on our YouTube channel at the time they are being broadcast from approximately 1030 onwards on Sunday, they subsequently ‘disappear’ for a few hours, only to reappear some time later. The reason for this is that the YouTube organisation spends a few hours scanning them, looking for possible copyright material, before publishing them once more. There is no obvious logic behind this, but it is just something we have to live with for the moment.

However, there is an alternative. When the broadcast has finished, we do retain a copy. Shortly afterwards, we will make this copy available. In order to see it, got to our website www.boltonpriory.org.uk and click on the very large graphic that says ‘Our most recent service – click here‘. Throughout the week, this will be the quickest and most convenient way to see the previous Sunday’s service. To see earlier services, click on ‘Our online services‘, which will take you to our YouTube channel and the full listing of all services.

Thank you for watching!