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Traditional Ukraine Music at the Priory


Tuesday, 28th June 2022

Join Dvi Doli (Дві Долі), a Ukrainian duo, for an evening of classical Ukrainian folk songs and jazz accompanied by the bandura and voice.

Julia Kogut-Kalynyuk and Kateryna Trachuk are classically trained professional musicians from Lviv, Ukraine who form the duo Dvi Doli. They arrived in Oxford in May 2022, fleeing Russia’s war in Ukraine. They have been playing the bandura since they were 5 and 9 years old. They obtained Master’s degrees in bandura and voice from the Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy, Ukraine’s leading musical conservatory. They have toured in Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, and Spain, and look forward to sharing their love for Ukrainian traditional folk music with the UK. They are raising money for charities that provide humanitarian support to refugees in Ukraine.

Thanks to our partners the Priory Church, The Devonshire Arms Hotel and Spa and TICKETsrv who have joined the Estate and given their time and services free of charge in support of this charity event.

The evening will unfold as follows:

6:30pm Priory Church Doors open
7:00pm: Performance by Dvi Doli (Дві Долі)
8:00pm: Interval. Complimentary refreshments will be served
8:30pm Question and Answer with Julia and Kateryna
9:00pm Ends
Useful Information

Ticketed event. All tickets must be pre-booked in advance.
Disabled parking only at the Priory Church.
Parking in Bolton Abbey Car Park. Ticket holders welcome to drop passengers off outside the Priory Church and park in Bolton Abbey car park.
Complimentary wine or fruit juice will be served in the interval.
Tickets to be presented on arrival at the Priory Church on a smart device or printed hard copy.