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Baptism (or Christening as it is also known) offers babies, children and young people, or adults a formal welcome into the Church and marks the beginning of the journey into faith and discipleship.

All enquiries about baptism should initially be directed to your local parish church. This local link is important for continuing pastoral contact after baptism. We do recognise that in certain circumstances, for instance a close family connection, you may wish your or your child’s baptism to take place at Bolton Priory, and we’re very happy to discuss this. However, you will need the goodwill, in writing, of your local Church of England Vicar or Rector before any firm arrangements can be made.

Baptisms usually take place at Bolton Priory one Sunday a month at 12.30, after the 10.30 Sung Eucharist. There may well be more than one baptism candidate at the service, though we would normally not do more than three baptisms at any one time.

If you have an enquiry about baptism, please contact the Priory Office in the first instance.