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Priory Choir

Choir 1
The Priory Choir, together with Director of Music Dr Tim Raymond (centre)

The Priory Choir is an enthusiastic group of amateur singers who fit their choral commitments into otherwise busy professional or retired lives. The Choir plays a vital role in the fulfilment of the Priory’s musical offering and stewardship, leading the congregation in hymns, prayers and responses and enhancing worship with an extensive repertoire of sacred choral music. The Choir participates in the Sung Eucharist every Sunday morning, singing the initial Introit, together with two or three anthems during the Administration. It also sings at a number of weddings throughout the year, and the occasional Choral Evensong.

Altos and Basses
Altos and Basses

The choir is well represented in all parts, but always welcomes new members who enjoy singing and can make their time available. Rehearsals take place every Wednesday evening from 1845 to 2015.

Sopranos and Tenors
Sopranos and Tenors

If you are interested in joining this friendly and committed group of singers, please contact our Director of Music, Tim Raymond.



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