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Sermons on Acts

Revd Jonathan Cain: Fruits of the Spirit

Whitsunday 20 May 2018 10.30 Sung Eucharist Revd Jonathan Cain Acts 2: 1-21; John 15: 26-27 & 16: 4-15 It has become a bit of a joke in our house that on the relatively few occasions that Rebecca has been asked to read in churches, the list of what the Apostle St Paul calls earthly […]

Revd Jonathan Cain: Pruning

Fifth Sunday of Easter 29 April 2018 10.30 Sung Eucharist Revd Jonathan Cain Acts 8: 26-end; John 15: 1-8 I am pretty hopeless at gardening. The very first thing that Rebecca does if she’s been away for a few days (often before she has properly said hello to me and the boys) is check the […]

The Rector: One in heart and soul

Second Sunday of Easter 08 April 2018 10.30 Sung Eucharist Canon Simon Cowling Acts 4. 32-35; John 20. 19 – end   When the Chancellor of the Exchequer rises to give his Budget speech (and we have not yet had a woman Chancellor) he traditionally precedes the announcement of his detailed fiscal intentions with an […]

Revd Jonathan Cain: If you love me

21 May 2017 Sixth Sunday of Easter Revd Jonathan Cain Acts 17: 22-31, John 14: 15-21 I’m a great fan of the Harvard professor and public philosopher, Michael Sandel. In his books and lectures he has a way of explaining quite complicated philosophical and ethical approaches in an accessible way, doing so in a neutral way, that […]

Revd Jonathan Cain: The Jesus-shaped Gate

07 May 2017 Fourth Sunday of Easter Revd Jonathan Cain Acts 2: 42-end, John 10: 1-10 When Jesus says “very truly” at the start of a passage, like he does at the start of the gospel passage we heard this morning, beware. It usually introduces a parable or figure of speech, something that is always difficult […]