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Sermons on Luke

The Rector: Skin Hunger

The Seventh Sunday after Trinity26 July 202010.30 Morning ServiceRevd Nicholas Mercer The sensation of touch is one of the five senses which help us navigate the world around us It is not surprising therefore that there has been much focus on touch in the recent lockdown The news was full of stories about why we crave touch and […]

The Rector: The Cost of Discipleship

The Fifth Sunday after Trinity12 July 202010.30 Morning ServiceRevd Nicholas Mercer I was very taken by an article in the Daily Mail last week which had the heading, “There is nothing normal about the new normal” The article made reference to Independence Day and contrasted the scenes of revelry in Soho with a wedding in St Anne’s Church, […]

The Rector: Holy Communion anew

The Fourth Sunday after Trinity5 July 202010.30 Morning ServiceRevd Nicholas Mercer On Easter Day, I was among the 13,000 people who watched the Archbishop of Canterbury celebrate Holy Communion at home This was the Anglican Communion’s first ever digital only Easter Day service and was “premiered” on YouTube and Facebook. The Archbishop celebrated Holy Communion at his kitchen […]

The Rector: The Restaurant is Open

The Second Sunday after Trinity21 June 202010.30 Morning ServiceRevd Nicholas Mercer One of my guilty pleasures is reading restaurant reviews Whereas, I am not inclined to spend money going out for dinner, I love to read about them I am a particular fan of Jay Rayner and Grace Dent    As one might imagine, the last three months […]

The Rector: Lazarus tests positive

The First Sunday after Trinity14 June 202010.30 Morning ServiceRevd Nicholas Mercer In 1848 the Sunday school hymn “All things bright and beautiful” was first published It was written by Cecil Frances Alexander who was the wife of the Archbishop of Armagh and gave us the phrase “the rich man in his castle and the poor man at his […]

The Rector: “Blesd RU”

Advent Sunday1 December 201910.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer I received quite a shock the other day when I tried to look up some news on the Sherborne School website I found that I could now choose between Twitter, Facebook, Sound Cloud and Instagram I did not know where to start Understanding social media is especially difficult for me […]

Neil Appleby: Sermon on Matthew 18

I want say a huge ‘thank you’ to Nicholas for inviting me to speak here this morning. Nick and I became close friends in the Falklands where I was the Headteacher of the secondary school and he was the Priest in Charge of the Cathedral, we were both from very different church backgrounds but had […]

Revd Dr Nicky von Fraunhofer: Harvest Festival

Trinity 16: Harvest29 September 201910.30 EucharistRevd Dr Nicky von Fraunhofer Jesus asks the crowds, ‘Do you not say, four months more, then comes the harvest? …But look around you, and see the fields are ripe for harvest…The reaper reaps their wages and gathers fruit for eternal life; the sower and reaper rejoice together.’ Today we […]

The Rector: The Call

Trinity 521 July 201910.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer I sometimes say, in jest, that, of the ten best things that have happened to me in life, nine involve fishing Even at the advanced age of 56, I still get an enormous thrill from catching a fish It is not surprising therefore I find stories of Christ and fishermen […]

The Rector: Making voices heard

24 June 2018 10.30 Sung Eucharist The Birth of John the Baptist Canon Simon Cowling Isaiah 40. 1-11; Luke 1. 57-66 & 80 Compare and contrast. Three words with which school and university students taking exams this summer, especially in arts, humanities, and social sciences, will have become very familiar. Compare and contrast the characters […]