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Sermons on Lent

The Rector: The many faces of hypocrisy

14 February 2018 Ash Wednesday 19.00 Sung Eucharist Canon Simon Cowling Isaiah 58. 1-12; John 8. 1-11 Like all of you, no doubt, I have been both angered and shocked by the recent revelations about Oxfam staff using prostitutes in Haiti, Chad, and possibly elsewhere. Oxfam, almost by definition, seeks to embody virtuous behaviour as […]

Revd Canon Professor John Rodwell: One Size Larger

13 March 2016, Lent 5 10.30 Sung Eucharist Revd Canon Professor John Rodwell Isaiah 43. 16-21; John 12. 1-8 I wouldn’t want to be thought a nosey-parker, but creative eaves-dropping, well that’s a different matter.  Or so the writer Alan Bennett has taught us, catching other peoples’ conversation and, fashioning it into stories, thus telling […]

The Rector: Keeping a true Lent

22 February 2015, Lent 10.30 Sung Eucharist Revd Simon Cowling 1 Peter; Mark 1. 9-15 An old man was asked, ‘How can I find God?’ He replied, ‘In fasting, in watching, in labours, in devotion, and above all, in discernment. I tell you, many have injured their bodies without discernment and have gone away from […]

The Rector: The joy of Lent

18 February 2015 Ash Wednesday 19.00 Sung Eucharist Revd Simon Cowling 2 Corinthians 5. 20b-6.10; Matthew 6. 1-6 & 16-21 ‘What are you giving up for Lent?’ I suppose the fact that this question is still so frequently asked at this time of year, even in parts of our society not noted for their churchgoing, […]