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Sermons on Love

Revd Jonathan Cain: If you love me

21 May 2017 Sixth Sunday of Easter Revd Jonathan Cain Acts 17: 22-31, John 14: 15-21 I’m a great fan of the Harvard professor and public philosopher, Michael Sandel. In his books and lectures he has a way of explaining quite complicated philosophical and ethical approaches in an accessible way, doing so in a neutral way, that […]

The Rector: Taking care of Eden

24 April 2016, Fifth Sunday of Easter 10.30 Sung Eucharist Canon Simon Cowling Acts 11. 1-18; John 13. 31-35 For those who have fallen away from the faith, may there be no hope unless they return to your Law. As for the Christians and other heretics, may they perish immediately. Speedily may they be erased […]