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The Rector: Ways of Seeing

Second Sunday of Easter28 April 201910.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer In 1972, the art critic Peter Berger wrote an influential book called “Ways of Seeing” The book is currently being revisited by Radio 4 as it seeks to examine how we might now look at things anew in the digital age But as the title of the original […]

The Rector: Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday21 April 201910.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer One of the strikingly different things about my ministry in the Falkland Islands was funerals In the Falkland Islands, coffins were brought into the Cathedral the day before the day of the service itself The body would repose at the Chancel steps overnight Families would sometimes come in and visit […]

The Rector: Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday18 April 201919.00 Eucharist of the Last SupperRevd Nicholas Mercer In 1972, I went to York Minster with my Mother and her sister to see the Queen after the Maundy Thursday Service I was nine years old at the time. However, the memory of the event stayed with me as the Queen stopped to talk to […]

The Rector: Crowds

Palm Sunday14 April 201910.30 Sung EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer Last summer, I almost took part in a riot with my sons We were staying in an apartment in Santiago and there was, what appeared to be, a perfectly friendly demonstration going on in the street below us There was chanting and someone banging a drum but nothing to […]

The Rector: Passiontide

Fifth Sunday of Lent7 April 201910.30 Sung EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer Today marks the beginning of Passiontide It is a two week period which marks the final journey of our Lord to his death on Good Friday The term, perhaps, is confusing as we normally associate Palm Sunday with the start of Passiontide particularly as we will read […]

The Rector: First Pastoral Letter

Revd Nicholas Mercer Bolton Abbey Parish Magazine April 2019 First Pastoral Letter I have now been back in the United Kingdom for nearly three months after a year in the South Atlantic. Spring is finally emerging from the gloom of winter, but it goes without saying that we are all living in a world of […]

The Churchwardens: 01 April 2019

01 April 2019 approaches, the day when Nicholas Mercer will be installed as Rector of Bolton Priory, and the day when these two churchwardens will breathe an enormous sigh of relief. Every interregnum places an extra load on churchwardens, and there have been times when the demands of the Priory have seemed to take over […]

Revd Barry Overend; Valentine – the Bare Bones

Revd Barry Overend Bolton Abbey Parish Magazine February 2019 Valentine – the Bare Bones Valentine was a fourth century Roman soldier destined for high rank. He gave up worshipping the Roman gods once he had converted to Christianity. It was not a good career move. As soon as the Emperor got wind of it, Valentine was […]

Rt Rev Dr Helen-Ann Hartley: The Cost of Discipleship

First Sunday after Christmas30 December 201810.30 Sung EucharistRt Rev Dr Helen-Ann Hartley, Bishop of Ripon Luke 2.41-end ‘Hang on a minute,’ you might be thinking upon hearing our Gospel this morning, ‘we’ve only just done Christmas, and now Jesus is 12 years old!’ Can we not slow down a bit? It is true that the […]

Revd James Turnbull: Seasonal Greetings to All

Revd James Turnbull Bolton Abbey Parish Magazine December 2018 – January 2019 Seasonal Greetings to All Those who remember the heady times of the restoration of the Priory building, the vision, confidence and ministry of Maurice Slaughter in the later 1970s and early 1980s must I think be feeling a new excitement for the coming […]