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The Churchwardens: Right – we just carry on!

The Churchwardens

Bolton Abbey Parish Magazine

November 2018

Right – we just carry on!

The early weeks of the interregnum have not been easy. There has been a ‘Perfect Storm’ of the two departures, the road closure, and Tim Raymond’s enforced absence owing to Margaret’s illness. Nevertheless, the Priory pulls together in such times. We are extremely grateful to Revd Barry Overend and Edward Scott for helping to fill the gaps so effectively, with Barry taking the bulk of the services, and Edward Scott acting as organist, choirmaster, and tutor to our Organ Scholar. We also appreciate the contribution of the other clergy, full-time or retired, who will also be part of our services from time to time.

On October 1st we held the so-called Section 11 Meeting, at which the PCC approved the Parish Profile document, and elected Matt and Paul as the Parish Representatives. We are immensely grateful to the PCC for trusting us with this huge responsibility, to help the Bishop and Patron to choose the next Rector, and so set the course of the Priory for the next few years. We now have an ambitious recruitment timetable that sees interviews taking place in late November. With the right applicants, and with God’s blessing, we could have a new Rector before next Easter.

In the meanwhile, there is a Priory to run, plans to be made, a timetable to be kept to, the unplanned and unexpected to be dealt with. Every Wednesday the Churchwardens, together with Peter our Verger and Margaret our Parish Administrator, get together to do just that. At this point we must record the unique contribution that Margaret Cody makes, not only in the normal course of events, but particularly during an interregnum. Her practical common sense and deep knowledge of how things get done are invaluable in keeping us in the right direction.

As the Venerable Peter Townley, Archdeacon of Pontefract urged us, in the context of the Section 11 meeting, “Let’s pray every day that God would be preparing the heart mind and soul of the person to be your next Rector as we all together continue on this sacred journey”.

And, as Matt is often known to say, “Right – we just carry on!”


The Churchwardens