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The Churchwardens: Right – we just carry on!

The Churchwardens Bolton Abbey Parish Magazine November 2018 Right – we just carry on! The early weeks of the interregnum have not been easy. There has been a ‘Perfect Storm’ of the two departures, the road closure, and Tim Raymond’s enforced absence owing to Margaret’s illness. Nevertheless, the Priory pulls together in such times. We […]

Revd Barry Overend: Ears to Hear

Revd Barry Overend Bolton Abbey Parish Magazine October 2018 Ears to Hear An American goes into a drug store to buy a hearing aid. He’s told that they cost anything from two dollars to two hundred dollars. ‘What’s the two dollar one like?’, he asks. The storeman opens a tin and pulls out a button […]

Revd Jonathan Cain: Germs and Jesus

Trinity 14 02 September 2018 10.30 Sung Eucharist Revd Jonathan Cain James 1: 17-end, Mark 7: 1-8, 14-15 & 21-23 “Germs and Jesus,” shouted the seven year old to her parents. “Germs and Jesus!  You keep telling me they’re important, and yet I can’t see any of them.”  What this little exchange illustrates is that […]

Revd Jonathan Cain: Change and Unchanging

Revd Jonathan Cain Bolton Abbey Parish Magazine September 2018 Change and Unchanging ‘We have this hope, a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul’. Hebrews 6.19 If we engage with the Biblical narrative we come to appreciate that change is woven into the very fabric of creation. The second day is not like the first […]

The Rector: We believe in life before death

19 August 2018 10.30 Sung Eucharist The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity Canon Simon Cowling Ephesians 5. 15-20; John 6. 51-58  We believe in life before death. Some years ago, Christian Aid introduced this statement into its annual campaign. It succeeds in being unobjectionable, challenging and subversive in equal measure. The statement is unobjectionable because it’s […]

The Rector: The bread of ages

05 August 2018 10.30 Sung Eucharist The Tenth Sunday after Trinity Canon Simon Cowling Ephesians 4. 1-16; John 6. 24-35  First make flour from wild wheat and wild barley; then pound the tubers of wild plants that grow in water (like sedges or bull-rushes) to a dry pulp; mix together with water to make a […]

The Rector: Being and Becoming

The Rector Bolton Abbey Parish Magazine August 2018 Being and Becoming Writing In the September 2013 issue of the Bolton Abbey Parish Magazine, just before my arrival as Rector, the Revd James Turnbull, one of our beloved honorary priests, commented: we can depend on Simon. I am sure he will feel able to depend on […]