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The Rector: The Wedding at Cana of Galilee

Second Sunday of Epiphany19 January 202010.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer It would not be an exaggeration to say that marriage has been dominating the headlines in the last week Despite the conflict in the Middle East and the beginnings of an impeachment It has been the marriage of Harry and Meghan which has stolen the show At the […]

The Rector: The Green Book

The Epiphany5 January 202010.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer Last Sunday evening, we stayed with my brother in Ripon Not only is he an excellent cook but he subscribes to Netflix which enables us to enjoy a film of our choice And after dinner we watched a film called “The Green Book” The title is taken from a real […]

The Rector: ‘Of the Father’s Love Begotten’

First Sunday after Christmas29 December 201910.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer Reviewing the year is something we all like to do at the end of December I have already read reviews of photographs and restaurants for 2019 My own review of TV programmes have had two standout performances The first was Phoebe Waller Bridge’s “Fleabag” I would never had […]

The Rector: Christmas Day

Christmas Day25 December 201910.00 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer One of my favourite pieces of music at Christmas is the Ceremony of Carols by Benjamin Britten It is scored for a three-part treble chorus and consists of eleven movements, The most exciting movement, in my view, is called “This Little Babe” which takes it text from a poem by the […]

The Rector: Mission Statement

Advent 422 December 201910.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer As many you know, a few months ago I gave a presentation to the Friends of Bolton Priory It was about my spiritual journey intertwined with the practise of law And although I covered key events in that journey, I spent little time speaking about Cyprus where I was the […]

The Rector: Light in the Darkness

Advent 315 December 201910.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer As some of you may know, I served my title post at the Church of St Mary the Virgin, in Gillingham, Dorset The wonderful thing about curates is that they can be deployed liberally around the parish and further afield And, during my tenure, there was an interregnum at the […]

Dr Sally Guthrie: Advent 2

Advent 28 December 201910.30 EucharistDr Sally Guthrie O Lord, forasmuch as without Thee, we are not able to please Thee, mercifully grant that Thy Holy Spirit may in all things direct and rule our hearts, thro’ Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen G’morning ev’one! And thank you for inviting me to speak to you this Second Sunday in […]

The Rector: “Blesd RU”

Advent Sunday1 December 201910.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer I received quite a shock the other day when I tried to look up some news on the Sherborne School website I found that I could now choose between Twitter, Facebook, Sound Cloud and Instagram I did not know where to start Understanding social media is especially difficult for me […]

Neil Appleby: Sermon on Matthew 18

I want say a huge ‘thank you’ to Nicholas for inviting me to speak here this morning. Nick and I became close friends in the Falklands where I was the Headteacher of the secondary school and he was the Priest in Charge of the Cathedral, we were both from very different church backgrounds but had […]

The Rector: Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday10 November 201910.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer On Palm Sunday in 2010 my family visited my aunt in her Nursing Home on the outskirts of Ripon. As we were talking she started to cry We, obviously, wanted to know what had upset her but she began talking, in a confused way, about the “awful loss of life”  […]