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The Rector: A Famine in the Land

Fourth Sunday of Easter3 May 202010.30 Morning ServiceRevd Nicholas Mercer I was at Theological College at the time of the financial crisis in 2008 I recall it very vividly as there was a brief moment when the country held its breath believing that the banking system was on the verge of collapse At the time, a fellow student […]

The Rector: ‘I Packed your Parachute’.

Third Sunday of Easter26 April 202010.30 Morning ServiceRevd Nicholas Mercer I have never forgotten a story I was told at the start of an operational tour of the Balkans The Commander told us about US Navy pilot in Vietnam whose plane was shot down  The pilot ejected and parachuted safely to the ground and then spent the next 6 […]

The Rector: Huddled round a Candle

Second Sunday of Easter19 April 202010.30 Morning ServiceRevd Nicholas Mercer When I was at Theological College we received some unexpected advice from the Principal During one of his talks he advised us that, despite our eager expectations, we might have a ministry where we were simply “huddled round a candle”. The purpose of his comment was to temper […]

The Rector: Where is God in COVID-19?

Easter Sunday12 April 202010.30 Sung EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer One of the unexpected blessings of the current period of isolation is having all my children back under one roof They are of an age when, at least two of them, will soon be making their way in the world The third is still at boarding school and away for […]

The Rector: Stephen Murgatroyd

9 April 2020 Revd Nicholas Mercer We meet together today to say goodbye to Stephen We meet in the midst of the most extraordinary and severe public health crisis of our lives It means that our goodbyes are curtailed, by time and space, in a way that none of could have wished In a way […]

The Rector: Lock Down

Palm Sunday05 April 202010.30 Morning ServiceRevd Nicholas Mercer Today is Palm Sunday- and marks the beginning of Holy Week We normally mark this occasion in the Church calendar by waving Palm branches and imitating the crowds that welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem However, for probably the first time in our history, we have not gathered as a crowd to […]

The Rector: Courageous Restraint

Fifth Sunday in Lent29 March 202010.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer This past week has witnessed one of the most extra-ordinary events in our history We are now living through a pandemic where there is a daily risk of death, not just to the weak and vulnerable in our society, but to all of us We have all read […]

Revd James Barnett: Third Sunday in Lent

Third Sunday in Lent8 March 202010.30 Eucharist Revd James Barnett It is good to be here in your beautiful and ancient church which reached its present form before, during and after the final realisation of the Reformation  I have known your Rector for more than forty years and I am grateful to him and to […]

The Rector: The Canaanite Woman

Second Sunday in Lent8 March 202010.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer Coronavirus has rather overshadowed all other events in the past ten days and we could all be excused for missing other important news But just before the crisis, the issue of social inequality hit the headlines once again The Landmark England Review written by the distinguished epidemiologist Sir […]