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The Rector: Is weeding good for you?

20 July 2014 10.30 Priory Sung Eucharist The Fifth Sunday after Trinity Revd Simon Cowling Wisdom 12.13 & 16-19; Matthew 13.24-30 & 36-43 The clouds roll with thunder that the House of the Lord shall be built throughout the earth: and these frogs sit in their marsh and croak – We are the only Christians! […]

God’s new frame of reference

06 July 2014 18.30 Priory Sung Eucharist The Third Sunday after Trinity Revd Simon Cowling Zechariah 9. 9-12; Matthew 11. 16-19 & 25-30 A few years ago there was a fashion in certain sections of the British press for referring to the royal families of Europe as ‘bicycling monarchies’. It wasn’t really meant as a […]

The Wheel Deal

The Laufmaschine, or running machine, was invented by a German aristocrat, Karl Drais, in 1817. It’s generally considered to be the precursor of the modern bicycle, but was hardly built for speed. It was a two-wheeled vehicle, propelled by the rider pushing with the feet along the ground at walking or running speed. One theory […]

New Life in God’s Love

Sunday 22 June: First Sunday after Trinity Priory Sung Eucharist Canon Michael Rawson Readings: Jeremiah 20.7-13; Matthew 10.24-39 It’s a great joy to be here with you this morning and I’m very grateful to Simon for his kind and generous invitation to preach. As part of the new diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales we […]

Unlocking the Spirit

08 June 2014 10.30 Priory Sung Eucharist The Feast of Pentecost Revd Simon Cowling  Acts 2. 1-21; John 20. 19-23 A few weeks ago, at the end of May, some research was published, as part of the annual British Social Attitudes Survey, which appeared to show that racism in the UK is on the rise. Statisticians, […]

Transforming Ministry

Rector’s Magazine Letter  June 2014 Transforming Ministry The timing of the ordination service in Bristol Cathedral, and the spelling of her surname, mean that Andrea Berners-Wilson is generally reckoned to be the first woman to have been ordained priest in the Church of England on 12 March 1994. Last month the Archbishop of Canterbury preached […]

‘Come Holy Spirit!’

1 June 2014 10.30 Priory Sung Eucharist Sunday after Ascension Canon Robin Greenwood Today is the pivotal moment between Christ’s Ascension and Pentecost. The early disciples were purposively together, actively expecting the promised outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The invitation to us in our prayers this week is to be asking God’s Spirit to come […]

‘Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?’

18 May 2014 10.30 Priory Sung Eucharist The Fourth Sunday after Easter Revd Simon Cowling  ‘Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you. What’s that you say, Mrs Robinson? Joltin’ Joe has left and gone away?’ Even without the ‘oo-oo-oo’ and the ‘ay-ay-ay’ those of you from a certain […]

Walking, words, and wonder.

It is the first Easter Day, though we only know that in retrospect. Cleopas and his companion – who is never named – are walking in the late afternoon towards the village of Emmaus not far from Jerusalem. They are joined by someone who, to them, is a complete stranger…