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The Rector: Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday16 June 201910.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer I am always slightly apprehensive when I get a religious question on a quiz show. The vicar, of all people, can’t get these things wrong However,I thought I might turn the tables this morning and ask you a question which I heard recently. Which of the following words are not […]

The Rector: Seeing the Unseen

Feast of Pentecost9 June 201910.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer A few weeks ago, I was watching a television programme about the Victorians. The programme was looking at scientific advances through the Victorian era and it related the story of a German physicist called Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen Roentgen was testing cathode rays and seeing whether they could pass through […]

The Rector: Walking with Christ

Seventh Sunday of Easter2 June 201910.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer A few years ago, I was invited to join the Society for Christians and Jews for an all-expenses paid tour of the Holy Land Whilst I was on this wonderful trip, I came across the Chapel of Ascension in Jerusalem The Chapel or/more accurately/ a shrine is found […]

The Rector: Rogation Sunday

Rogation Sunday26 May 201910.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer There is a story of a vicar who had just arrived in his parish and was wanted to get to know his flock There was a house high up on a moor and the earnest vicar was determined to go and say hello to the new owner One day he […]

Dom John Wisdom: The Only Problem

Fifth Sunday of Easter19 May 201910.30 EucharistDom John Wisdom (formerly of St Mary’s Church, Port Stanley, Falkland Islands) I think Nicholas may have told you that we served together in the Falklands, which the tourist brochures describe as “interesting, different unique”. I could loosely be labelled an Augustinian and Bolton Priory was an Augustinian house, Nicholas has […]

The Rector: Obey the Emperor

Fourth Sunday of Easter12 May 201910.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer About twenty years ago, in advance of a NATO posting, I had to be positively vetted As well as a very thorough exploration of my private life, the interviewer asked me if I was a monarchist I was rather taken aback at the question as I thought the […]

The Rector: Sheep of his Pasture

Third Sunday of Easter5 May 201910.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer I have now been in Bolton Abbey for just over a month Coming to live at Bolton Abbey, I have been immediately struck by three things on my doorstep The first is the peace I love the peace and tranquillity of Bolton Abbey As I look out of […]

The Rector: Ways of Seeing

Second Sunday of Easter28 April 201910.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer In 1972, the art critic Peter Berger wrote an influential book called “Ways of Seeing” The book is currently being revisited by Radio 4 as it seeks to examine how we might now look at things anew in the digital age But as the title of the original […]

The Rector: Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday21 April 201910.30 EucharistRevd Nicholas Mercer One of the strikingly different things about my ministry in the Falkland Islands was funerals In the Falkland Islands, coffins were brought into the Cathedral the day before the day of the service itself The body would repose at the Chancel steps overnight Families would sometimes come in and visit […]

The Rector: Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday18 April 201919.00 Eucharist of the Last SupperRevd Nicholas Mercer In 1972, I went to York Minster with my Mother and her sister to see the Queen after the Maundy Thursday Service I was nine years old at the time. However, the memory of the event stayed with me as the Queen stopped to talk to […]